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Special solutions

The rubber dam technique with stabilizing water-filling, especially developed by us, makes possible optimal control of the water level. The water-filled Hydroconstruct Rubber Dam can be constructed for water heads of 30 cm to more than 3 meters. An asymmetric arrangement is also feasible, as are horizontally or vertically curved configurations.

The tube material used by Hydroconstruct is produced especially for us by the Rubena-Nachod company, one of the largest rubber manufacturers in Europe. The caoutchouc (india-rubber) material, reinforced with a weblike tissue lining, is characterized by high elasticity, resistance to abrasion and attrition, insensitivity to UV radiation and high rupture strength.
The material has also been certified by recognized Austrian testing institutes. In addition, the Rubena-Nachod firm possesses certification for its products in accord with DIN ISO 9001 / EN 29001. The platforms are in each case-according to the weir configuration-produced in a single piece in the company workshop, making it unnecessary to force final assembly connections together at the construction site.

Hydroconstruct Rubber dams can also be produced in curved configuration.

For weir arrangements with oblique water flow, interference barriers for stabilization can be vulcanized onto the tube.

The tube interior is kept ice-free in winter operation by pumping water through the tube or respectively, by continuous water circulation.

Rubber Dam Technique
 Operating principle
 Threefold safety system
 Advantages compared to conventional weirs
 Advantages compared to air-filled rubber dams

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