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  • A flexible weir structure with no impediment to flotsam or ice.
  • Stable and steplessly variable controllability of reservoir level (± 1.5 cm)
  • Autonomous, self-acting flood relief.
  • Ideal for damming broad watercourses.
  • Single-piece weir widths of more than 50 meters feasible.
  • Simple reconstruction/replacement of older weirs.
  • Ideal for erection on both level and crooked weir structures.
  • Winter operation with no difficulties.
  • By foregoing mechanical weir components, no danger of corrosion.
  • Slight maintenance expense.
  • Economical setup.
  • Environmentally-friendly operation without lubricants.
  • Low operating costs due to minimal use of extraneous energy.

 Rubber Dam Technique
 Operating principle
 Threefold safety system
 Advantages compared to conventional weirs
Advantages compared to air-filled rubber dams

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