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The Hydroconstruct firm has through its long years of experience and by constant research become the leading supplier in rubber dam technique. We offer our customers development and installation from a single source.
Included within the scope of supplying a Hydroconstruct rubber dams is the drawing up of tube-specific project documents, together with the pertinent assembly instructions and detailed specifications.

Planning is prepared in collaboration with the firms Ingenieurbüro Fritsch and Pöyry / Brunn. The high-quality tube material used by Hydroconstruct is produced by the firm Rubena-Nachod, one of the largest rubber producers in Europe.

On the basis of our specialized professional competence, Hydroconstruct can also offer complete engineering services, including hydraulic construction design, submission of official applications, structural engineering and the actual construction itself.

Mission statement:

  • Hydroconstruct assigns especial value to technology in concord with Nature. Our rubber dams fit harmoniously into the natural living spaces of river landscapes and streambeds.
  • Motivated and professionally skilled colleagues are a prerequisite for quality of the highest standard.
  • To stand still is to regress. We do not rest on our laurels. Quality is assured only by constant research and continuing development.
  • Our objective is customer satisfaction. Our prime precept is to fulfill the desires of our clients.

 Rubber Dam Technique
 Operating principle
 Threefold safety system
 Advantages compared to conventional weirs
 Advantages compared to air-filled rubber dams

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