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Current projects:


This rubber dam is used as a flexible gate of 4.20m in height and 23.80m in width. It is located near Adana (southern Turkey).

Recently finished projects:


As part of a flood water protection system a rubber dam of 3.20m height and 25.00m width has been installed. This system is located at the water catchment of the KW Andelsbuch powerplant at the Bregenzer Ach river.


In Casalgrasso near Turin an existing fixed weir has been replaced by a powerplant and a Hydrocontruct rubber dam. This is a two segment rubber dam design of 126.80m in width and 1.20m in heigth.

Stadtwehr Waidhofen

At the site of the city weir in Waidhofen at the Ybbs river a curved rubber dam has been installed. This rubber dam is 28.00m wide and 1.65 m high. A special feature of this rubber dam is, that its control is linked to the dynamic head water regulation of the nearby power plant. Dynamic head water regulation defines the head water level dependent on the flow.

Spathara Weir - Ashta

At the Drin river in northern Albania this rubber dam is used as a flexibel gate on top of the existing Spathara weir. This rubber dam, 250 m wide and 2.50m in height, is one of the largest in Europe. It is split into four weir fields two at a time are combined into two independently regulated systems.

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